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  • My {equipment name} is almost brand new! How can it possibly need a carburetor kit/fuel line/fuel filter already??

    There are several ways this can happen. With equipment that is not used frequently, it is a fairly common issue for the gas or fuel to go "stale" , which results in gum and varnish deposits building up, and these deposits will quickly plug the tiny holes and jets in many modern fuel systems.

    On the other hand, also on equipment that is rarely used, it is possible for the rubber parts to dry out to the point that they harden and develop cracks or deform. This also often results in needing to replace parts that otherwise normally would have been fine. 

    Finally, all outdoor power equipment is fuel sensitive- With the modern  Ethanol-blended fuels, most notably the E-15 fuel (Typically found in the cheapest fuel such as 87 Octane - Echo recommends at least 89 Octane grade fuel and their Power Blend 2-cycle oil), many carburetor parts cannot work well with them. E-15 fuel contains ethanol, and this not only absorbs water, causing numerous performance problems with power equipment, It also dries out rubber and viton parts used in most all modern power equipment carburetors. If E-15 fuel is suspected, we have a test kit we will use to determine the type and quality of fuel.

    It is not uncommon either for a poor choice of 2-cycle oil (Don't buy whatever's cheap -Buy quality) - The oil may be old or contain additives that do not dissolve well in gasoline or are not compatible with Ethanol blended fuel, and it can very quickly plug up fuel filters - in as little as a couple hours of use.

    We actually have a real world case study to draw from - 2 identical Echo chainsaws 2 different owners, purchased within a month of each other. Owner #1 uses high quality mix oil - Varying between Echo's Power Blend and Stihl's brand - To date, under commercial use (Firewood cutter) has never needed service beyond the regular tune-ups.  The other owner - also commercial firewood cutter *insists* on buying the cheapest 2-cycle oil they can find - which happens to be old stuff at their local hardware store... This saw kept coming in every 3 months almost like clockwork for re-adjustment of the carburetor, but simply replacing the fuel filter each time usually resolved the issue..(we did have to clean out the carburetor filter screen a couple times) and despite repeated admonishment to buy quality oils, they argue that "our (much older) other chainsaws work fine on it!"

    Also, I personally happen to have an old pushmower for my own use, treat the fuel with B3C solutions\' Ethanol Shield every time we buy gas (Dose the gas can before fillup) - This past year that mower sat out in the open, unused, since last fall, and 11 months later, I pulled it out, not expecting anything, one pull on the starter rope, and it starts right up and runs fine.. on the 11 months old stabilized fuel. While it is not a recommended treatment (shame on me) for a lawnmower, it DOES tend to add weight to the value of Ethanol Shield fuel stabilizer!


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  • I have a question, but it isn't answered here.

    In that case, feel free to drop us a line using our contact form - Unlike many businesses with an online presence, we do aggressively check our email on a daily basis, and typically can have a response for your question in a matter of hours, if not quicker.  Also, if you would like to discuss your question in greater detail online, We can do an online chat session via most of the more popular instant messaging protocols - just drop us a note and ask, we'll be happy to send you our contact ID for one of our chat clients (such as AIM, YIM, MSN, Gtalk, ICQ, etc.)

    Additionally, if your question is technical in nature, we do participate and support the Professional Power Equipment Technicians' and Education Network at

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